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What's New at Quail Run Physical Therapy?

Here I could tell visitors about new additions to my site so they'll be sure to see my most recent pictures and information.

From our Pilates Studio to Traditional Thai Massage...


Almost everyone has heard of Pilates, but only a few know that the stars who tout its almost miraculous benefits workout with a trainer on handcrafted Pilates equipment.  No more strenuous moves on the floor with a video!  Quail Run Physical Therapy now has Lake County's only studio to have this equipment designed and popularized by its founder, Joseph Pilates.

Pilates equipment is used to aid some and challenge others with the use of springs and pulleys on sleek wooden "wonders" to make a workout most efficient.  The goal is to tone and build those core muscle groups while creating that long, lean look.  Dancers, gymnasts, and ice skaters flock to Pilates training in order to facilitate muscle building wiout all the "bulk".  Football and basketball players use Pilates training for attaining finesse and control with their movements.

All in all, the use of our studio equipment empasizing concentration and flexiliblity as well as a keen awareness of one's body in space makes Pilates the ultimate mind-body workout.  Find out how this and other value added services can enhance your rehab experience or maintain the benefits gained in therapy based on your own timetable.



Tired and sore muscles usually need more than ten minutes of soft tissue mobilization from your physical therapist.  In fact, those exercises given my temporarily exacerbate inital symptoms one originally had.  Quail Run Physical Therapy now has a massage therapist solely dedicated to soothe those aching muscles and stretch stiffened joints (for up to an hour if needed).  Kanita Campomanes is a certified massage therapist from the Traditional Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand and most recently the Konocti College of Holistic Studies in Kelseyville, California.  She combines Traditional Thai massage with Swedish and therapeutic techniques for a unique "East Meets West" approach to trating the body as a whole.  Traditional Thai Massage is simply passive Yoga stretching combined with acupressure techniques.  Inquire ho this and other vaue added services could enhance your rehab experience or simpley continue maintaining the suppleness gained in therapy based on your own timetable.