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Rehabilitation Approach

Quail Run Physical Therapy facilitates a varitey of medically reffered patients to rehabiliation, including those with neck and back pain, orthopedic and sports related injuries, and post surgical recovery. Rehabilitation for patients include some of the following: work conditioning, spinal stabilization, back works, and neuromuscular re-education.

The use of a variety of cardiovascular machines for recovery, isotonic curcuit equipment, and Eagle-Cybex equipment are provided in clinic. The physical therapist also work at creating dynamic programs using medicine balls, sport cords, shuttle for close kinetic chain activity, plyometrics, physio stabilization techniques, aquatic therapy, and the "Back Works" proram.


Back Works Program

This program was designed for the functional restoration of patients who have chonic back pain. The program uses a specialized exercise plan on three different ergonomically designed machines. Patient learn to control their pain by controlling their posture and body mechanics.

Each patient is instructed in the spinal stabilization principles, while working on all their major muscle groups. This increased knowledge and strengthening brings about positive changes for the patient, which leads to an optimal recovery.


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